Tuesday morning was totally different for parents at Woodmore Elementary School. There were parents that would no longer be able to see their kids off to school, while others feared being able to allow their children to go to school. They could also share the pain off the young students that were killed on Monday afternoon. Wreckers carried the ravaged school bus from the crash site on Tuesday morning, with a huge blue covering hung over the center area of the bus that had been smashed.

The post-quake tremors of the brutal wreck grasped the residents that live in Brainerd and the surrounding areas. Melanie Hillian heard the hazardous crash from her home and rushed to check to problem. She was hoping that the students’ shouts were fun loving, however the reality of what had just happened set in when she saw students lying unconscious close to the bus.

Hillian bowed by a kid who was scarcely breathing and attempted to feel for his heartbeat, while waiting for a rescue vehicle to arrive. On Tuesday, she thought about out loud whether he was among those that didn’t make it, and on the off chance that she could have done much else to spare him.

At a news meeting in Chattanooga, Christopher Hart chairman of National Transportation and Safety, said the school bus was going south on Talley Road when it toppled on the two lane roadway. Teams with NTSB arrived Tuesday, he said, have preparatory evaluated the crash site and will investigate various reasons into the single-vehicle wreck, including roadway elements and witnesses of the accident. Hart said NTSB has additionally begun a mechanical assessment of the school bus which had camera on the inside and the outside, which the investigators plan to use in the examination.