One of the murderers of schoolgirl Becky Watt’s has been beaten up so severely by fellow prison inmates that she had to be resuscitated twice.
Shauna Hoare has been assaulted by fellow prisoners at HMP Bronzefield in Surrey.
One of Sauna’s friends said: “Shauna has been so badly beaten up she has needed to be resuscitated twice. She says the best she can do is take it day by day.
“She really has to watch her back from what she tells me and just does everything she can to avoid dangerous inmates. Shauna is having a terrible time.”

Hoare is serving a 17-year jail term for the manslaughter of Becky, 16, while her boyfriend Nathan Matthews, 28, will have to serve a minimum 33 years of a life sentence for the murder of his stepsister.

Matthews went to Becky’s home with a stun gun and handcuffs before suffocating her in her own bedroom and stabbing her 15 times in the stomach.

He then took her body to the home he shared with Hoare and cut it up into eight pieces with a circular saw before packing Becky’s remains into plastic and preservative and putting them in a garden shed.

Avon and Somerset police launched their biggest ever missing person investigation, eventually finding Becky’s body which had been stored in suitcases and a box.

The friend said Hoare had shown little remorse, adding: “She’s only mentioned Becky once really, describing the moment Nathan came downstairs after killing her. She said Nathan acted as if nothing had happened. Shauna is still adamant she knew nothing about the murder.”

Hoare is serving time, along with other inmates at Bronzefield, who include Joanna Dennehy, a female serial killer who pleaded guilty to murdering three men and attempting to murder two others. She stabbed her victims in the heart before dumping them in ditches near Peterborough.

Roshonara Choudhry, the radicalised student who stabbed MP Stephen Timms during a constituency surgery over his support of the Iraq war is also serving time in Bronzefield.

This latest incident follows the death of Natasha Chin, 41, also an inmate at Bronzefield, who died after apparently overdosing on prescription medicine. She had allegedly been ringing her bell for more than two hours for help, with no response.

So far, Sodexo, which runs the jail has not commented on the alleged incident involving Hoare.

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