A British family on their way to Disneyland in Paris stopped to rest at a service station in France when they were robbed of £1000 worth of possessions.

Fiona and Andrew Plews and their two young children, Adam, 7, and Megan, 10, pulled over in a rest stop in France after a long period of driving. They attempted to rest before completing their trip to Disneyland in Paris.

Rest Stop

The family stopped at a station and parked between two trucks at about 4am. Megam, the eldest child, woke up to see the door wide open at around 7:50am.

It was then the family knew that their caravan had been broken into.

The parents believe they were gassed as they slept in the caravan, and then robbed whilst they slept. Authorities believe a screwdriver had been stuffed into the door in order to break it open.


French investigators are looking into the claim that they were gassed. Mr Plews, however, had been hospitalized for minor injuries such as a rash on his leg, and blistering.

He was in treatment for over 5 days. He believes the injuries are a reaction to the gas allegedly used in the robbery.

French authorities issues a warning to tourists in the region, particularly those with young children, as they have had cases of gas robberies before.

They said that it would be best for holiday makers not to sleep in the rest stops over night because thieves tend to knock on caravan doors and directly rob unsuspecting tourists.

The mother, Mrs. Plews, told Northern Echo, “We are 99 per cent sure we had been gassed because we would have heard something. 

“It didn’t seem real. It wasn’t until later on we realized they could have done anything – we could have found these two (the children) gone. It was scary,” she added.