It has been less than two years, since Steve Easterbrook became leader of the mega fast food chain, but he has had made more changes than the organization has experienced in 10 years or more.

Under Easterbrook’s initiative, the once in the past organization has grasped development with zeal. It has stripped disagreeable things from the menu, updated drive-through eateries, redesigned eateries, and adjusted formulas for main food items, including Egg Mc Muffins and Chicken Mc Nuggets.

Easterbrook has likewise coordinated huge changes in McDonald’s inner structure by bringing onboard new management and trimming corporate organization. In 2018, he will direct yet another move, when McDonald’s (MCD) moves from its sprawling grounds in rural Oak Brook, Illinois to an advanced skyscraper in the in vogue Fulton Market locale.

In a meeting with Crain’s Chicago Business, Easterbrook examined his vision for McDonald’s turnaround, which incorporates a goal-oriented arrangement to present table service and also self-ordering kiosks at a number of the chain’s 14,200 U.S. eateries. He was idealistic about McDonald’s rediscovered spryness and openness to change, a corporate outlook he expects will drive continuing growth later on.

“As you get little pockets of success, then suddenly the light bulbs go on in everyone’s head, and more leaders get more confident and make more, bigger decisions, and customers respond well and it becomes a bit of a flywheel. That’s the type of virtual cycles of success we’re looking to develop.” said Easterbrook as he spoke with Crain.

McDonald’s continuous change depends on the acknowledgment that the old methods for working together were preventing the organization from growing, Easterbrook clarified. Even with expanded rivalry from upstart speedy administration burger chains like Shake Shack and SmashBurger, McDonald’s needed to change to remain pertinent.

“We were and we are a great operational company, but perhaps you start naturally to run out of ideas and need fresh perspectives. Whether that’s in communications or marketing or strategy, you need people to come in with a fresh perspective”, said Easterbrook.