A diner was rushed to the hospital after a restaurant chef threw a bowl of hot chili powder in his eyes after he complained about his meal.

A 46-year-old diner, David Evans from South Wales, was almost blinded and immediately rushed to the hospital after the restaurant chef threw a bowl of hot chili powder in his eyes for complaining about his curry.

The Incident

David Evans and his wife , Michelle, were reportedly having a meal at the Prince of Bengal restaurant in Tonypandy, Rhondda, South Wales on Saturday night. After the waiter asked them if they were enjoying their dinner, they replied saying that it was “tough and rubbery,” which the waiter passed onto the head chef.

According to Michelle, the head chef then stormed out of the kitchen yelling and swearing at them. The three bickered for a bit, before David followed the chef towards the kitchen for an apology. The chef then threw chili powder in his face.

David was immediately rushed to the hospital for treatment.

More Details from Michelle

At the hospital, David had drips attached to his eye lids, which flushed liquid through his eyes to get rid of the chili powder and cool the area down.

Michelle said: “What was meant to be a quick meal out with David turned out to be one of the most frightening times we’ve had.”

“We had our starter which wasn’t very good but we ate it and didn’t tell the waiter. When our mains came and the meat was like what I can only describe as rubber we told the young waiter when he came and asked us “how is your food?” that the meat was very tough and rubbery.”

“To cut a long story short the Indian chef came to our table and he was extremely rude and aggressive and accused us of not wanting to pay for our food. We said we would eat the rest of our food but the meat was really not eatable.”

“He started swearing at me so David said there’s no need to swear at my wife, the chef caused quite a scene and was shouting and swearing so David walked back to the kitchen door with him asking for an apology.

“The chef came to the door with a large bowl of chili powder which he threw at David’s face.”

“He instantly thought he had been blinded and didn’t know what he’d thrown at him, he was shaking in shock, hanging on to the counter being sick thinking he was going to go blind.