A realtor arrested after a woman was found chained up like a dog at his property has admitted to killing seven people, say police.
Todd Christopher Kohlhepp is a realtor who was running his own real estate firm in upstate South Carolina.
But he is not likely to be returning to work any time soon after the 45-year-old reportedly admitted to killing seven people when interviewed by police.
Missing woman Kala Brown, 30, disappeared along with her boyfriend Charlie Carver, 32.
She has now been found, chained by her neck and hands in a metal container on a 100-acre property belonging to Kohlhepp.
A body has also been found on the estate. Ms Brown said that she saw her boyfriend shot in front of her.
Kohlhepp is now also said to have confessed to an entirely different set of killings. Police say he has admitted the killing of four people at a motorbike shop 13 years ago in Chesnee, South Carolina.
That murder, which was the first quadruple homicide suffered by the county, had been unsolved since 2003.
He has also showed police where he buried two further bodies on his sprawling property.
Police now believe he has killed at least seven people as well as kidnapping Ms Brown, who was thankfully found alive.
Kohlhepp boasts in his company brochure that he is a tech-savvy professional who is adept at helping families to buy and sell homes in Greenville and Spartanburg counties.
His company blurb says: “At Todd Kohlhepp & Associates we feel that it’s important for our clients to know a little more about who’s working for them besides a name and number.”
The brochure also features Kohlhepp, professionally dressed in a pinstripe suit, alongside a list of his business qualifications. He boasted that he was a licensed pilot and that his company had “One Focus … Results!”
But the 45-year-old was really a registered sex offender who has now confessed, say police, to continuing his criminal activities.
Spartanburg County sheriff deputies have been carrying out extensive searches on the sprawling, wooded property owned by Kohlhepp in South Carolina.
Investigators found a body which had been buried in a shallow grave on the land.
It has now been identified, according to reports, as Mr Carver. A post mortem investigation has revealed Mr Carver died after suffering multiple gunshot wounds. His family has been informed.

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