[BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Barrow has won the monumental election, and is now President of Gambia.]

Friday will spell out a turn of the tide for Gambia’s future. Gambian president, or dictator as most have been referring to him as, Yahya Jammeh, will cease to continue his now 22-year reign of power over the small African nation.

Adam Barrow, who previously served as an Argos security guard in North London now serves as Gambia’s next great hope- the opposition leader.

Barrow remarked on election by stating, “This will be the biggest landslide in the history of the country.”

Support or Oppose?

Not everyone is on Barrow’s side, however. Pinta Manneh, a Jammeh supporter, commented on the developing event saying, “He has built the airport, schools, medical facilities and buildings. He will be angry if he loses.”

Jammeh seized power over Gambia in a 1994 coup, and in 2002 a constitutional amendment was passed which completely removed any precincts on a president’s limits on their terms.

Despite Jammeh’s lack of full support among his people, he declares that his victorious win is backed by divine or supernatural intervention. “Our election system is fraud-proof, rig-proof, you cannot rig our elections,” Jammeh said.


Other critics had a say on the matter, stating Jammeh’s entire regime is anything but corruption-free, and human rights have deteriorated.

Jammeh has banned any demonstrations, even peaceful ones, after the elections on Thursday. Last April and May, demonstrations had erupted out of anger for a complete reformation on the political and electoral state of the nation, which depends solely on agriculture and tourism for the sake of the economy.

The votes will take place in a different manner than the West is accustomed to, as purple, green, and silver ballot drums will be used, and marbles will be placed on them. The final count will be tallied using wooden tablets.

Ultimately, this Thursday will serve as a monumental date for Gambia. As Barrow himself said, “[Jammeh] is not going to be re-elected – his era is finished.”