At the prosecution of the men suspected of being involved in the Hatton Garden theft, the value of the goods stolen is now believed to be £25 million.

Originally it is believed that £14 million worth of good was stolen during the robbery most of which is still missing.  The prosecution in the trial of the men at the heart of the incident is seeking £25 million in stolen goods.

At the trial ringleaders John “Kenny” Collins, 76, Daniel Jones, 62, Terry Perkins, 68, and the group’s oldest member, Brian Reader, 78, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit burglary.

Collins, Perkins, and Jones were given seven year prison sentences for their involvement in the robbery that happened over the Easter bank holiday weekend in April 2015.

The robbery occurred at Hatton Garden Safety Deposit in London’s jewellery quarter.  They ransacked 73 boxes after the gang drilled a hole into the vault wall.

William Lincoln, 60 also received a seven year prison sentence and was charged with an additional offence of conspiracy to conceal, convert or transfer criminal property.

Confiscation Hearing

The court heard that a confiscation hearing will take place on the 15th January 2018 and is expected to last for six weeks due to the fact that it is an exceptional case.  The deadline for the hearing will be the 30th April 2017.  The hearing will determine how much the defendants benefited from the crime.

The judge ruled that if the group did not reveal where they hid what was stolen their sentences could incur a further fourteen years imprisonment.

Of the stolen goods only one-third has been recovered.  Around £4 million worth of goods has been recovered so far.

Carl Wood, 59, was also convicted of conspiracy to burgle as well as to convert and transfer criminal property as was Hugh Doyle, 49, found guilty of transferring criminal property.  They were jailed for six years and 21 months respectively.