A hapless lorry driver managed to block entry and exit to a little village in Cornwall after trying to make a tight turn. Incredulous villagers came out to take images of the truck, which was stuck for 18 hours, causing chaos for people trying to get in and out of Pentewan.

While, usually Sat Nav is blamed for such disasters, the B&Q drivers got stuck on a narrow route after consulting a paper map to get directions through to Swindon. However, villagers did manage to see the funny side, and even brought the embarrassed driver cups of tea while contractors from the local council tried to figure out how to remove the lorry without causing damage to nearby homes and walls. The vehicle was pictured completely stuck between a house, bollards and a wall.

Finally, after getting stuck at tea time yesterday, the vehicle was towed away this morning. Local householder Liz Mahoney, 49, said there have always been issues with tight roads in the village. However, Ms Mahoney, who is on the local parish council, said a lorry had never become stuck in this way.

Cups of tea

She explained that when the truck didn’t make the bend, its driver tried to reverse, but its wheels began to spin. She added that despite the chaos caused by not being able to use that route, local people felt sorry for his plight, as he had simply taken a wrong turn, and they came out to give him cups of tea to keep him warm. According to witnesses at the scene, he did not have Sat Nav and was using a paper map to guide him on his journey.

The coastal village is very popular with holidaymakers and can get very busy in high season when tourists flock to the beaches and caravan parks.