A pensioner who shot her son in law dead in California told police she would do it again when she was interviewed by police.

Jurors at a court in California have been shown a video of 65 year old Cynthia Cdebaca raising her arms to the air and telling officers that she would not hesitate to shoot Geoward Eustaqio all over again if she had the chance.

The woman killed Eustaqio in 2014 at his home in Fallbrook, close to San Diego. She revealed to officers that she had been planning the killing for a fortnight. She said that her son in law had become embroiled in a row about the clothes she had on, after he told her she looked “ghetto”.

She became angry when he told her that she could not go to her granddaughter’s spelling bee because she was not dressed appropriately, shooting Eustaqio 10 times, meaning she even had to stop to reload her weapon at least twice.

Planned the killing

According to prosecutors, the woman had bought her weapon a fortnight before the killing. She said she shot him inside the house as well as through the door when he tried to escape. She is then alleged to have stood over her son in law as he was dying rather than trying to seek help for him. In police interviews, in which she was seen wearing a sports top with the number “22” on it, she said she had kept on shooting until her weapon was empty.

When asked if she had checked on him after she had riddled his body with bullets, she replied that she did not care, and that she would do it again because he had subjected herself and her family to abuse for years. She was seen trying to hug her youngest granddaughter before she was taken to jail, but the little girl refused, saying: “No, you shot my dad”.