The 36 year old Oscar nominated Lin-Manuel Miranda should have a win in the bag coming off his wins at the Emmy’s, Grammy’s, and Tony’s.  He also holds the Pulitzer, as well as the MacArthur “Genius” Award.  And he’s using those smarts to get him through a Donald Trump presidency.

He as a public supporter of Hillary Clinton.  After the election he woke with a “very pronounced case of moral clarity”, realizing that the fight was not over.  Work has to continue advancing issues important to Miranda and the Democratic Party.  Liberal blood runs through him and he plans to keep the legacy going.  His father Luis A. Miranda Jr. is a Democratic Party Consultant who advised New York City Mayor Ed Koch during his career.  His mother’s seat on the board of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund also is at odds with the new wave Pence and Trump are ushering in.  Miranda says the organization has “saved lives time and again.”

On the Broadway Hamilton casts message to Mike Pence to “work on behalf of all Americans” he is confident that Vice President-elect Mike Pence took it well as Pence stated that he appreciated the message and referred to it in a speech the following Sunday.  President-elect Donald Trump took to twitter soon after calling the statement “very rude”.