Showing up quickly before the group, Mattis expressed gratitude toward Trump for giving him “the chance to come back to our troops.” The North Carolina rally topped a day in which Trump talked with prospects for strategic posts, touted new interests in the U.S. by a Japanese bank, and bashed Boeing over what he called cost invades for an Air Force One update extend.

“The plane is thoroughly crazy,” Trump told journalists before another arrangement of gatherings at his Manhattan office tower. “It will be over $4 billion for Air Force One program and I believe it’s ludicrous. I think Boeing is doing a tiny bit of a number. We need Boeing to profit, yet not that much cash.”

Prior, Trump tweeted: “Boeing is building a fresh out of the plastic new 747 Air Force One for future presidents, however expenses are wild, more than $4 billion. Wipe out request!”

Later in the day, Trump made an arrival visit to the hall to talk with correspondents, letting them know he had recently met with SoftBank of Japan CEO Masayoshi Son and examined the bank’s consent to put $50 billion in U.S. new companies that could create up to 50,000 new occupations, a declaration SoftBank made back in October.

“One of the colossal men of industry,” Trump said of the Japanese CEO, who told correspondents he went by the president-elect “to praise his new employment.”

The Trump move group likewise affirmed that the president-elect will go to the Army-Navy football game on Saturday in Baltimore. Like presidents who have gone to the challenge in earlier years, Trump will sit on the Navy side of the stadium for one half and the Army half for the other.

As Trump swore more arrangements in the day’s ahead, helpers said he is thinking about another military individual, resigned Gen. John Kelly for secretary of country security. Notwithstanding affirmation by the Senate, Mattis will require a waiver from both the House and Senate with a specific end goal to assert the Pentagon work. The law says previous officers must be out of the military for no less than seven years before they can get to be resistance secretary, which is a regular citizen post.