Residents presiding in the south western area of London are enraged as all water sources were cut early morning around 10:20 am on Christmas Day.

Thames Water Company has stated that a damaged pump was the reason behind this disappointing surprise.

The inconvenient timing of the water cutting off prevented thousands of residents from being able to prepare the long awaited Christmas dinners that were to take place that day, along with preventing them from showering as well.

One resident stated that the water had cut off completely without any sort of pre-mature statement or warning, which ultimately served as the biggest inconvenience for them on Christmas.

Calls to Water Company Poured In

The resident added on by saying sarcastically that without any water for the day, their Christmas lunch will most likely be ‘fun,’ and said that they had tried contacting the water company but their phone line was constantly engaged, most likely due to the thousands of others who were doing the same throughout the day.

Several tweets expressed utter disappointment and anger about the current incident. One tweet read “No water on Christmas Day, love living in London.”

Alternatives for Cooking?

Isleworth resident, Steve Trew, 55, stated that he felt relieved that his Christmas dinner will be happening out of his area, only to be confronted with the next surprise in which he remarked by saying too many people will be distraught by this water conflict.

Meanwhile, Twickenham resident Iain Thompson also expressed his worries when he said that his family had travelled a long distance away within the UK for the sole purpose of spending Christmas together with them, and they can’t even so much as take a shower now.

Thompson added that he’s not even sure at this point what the alternative is to boil the potatoes they had planned for the Christmas dinner anymore.

The Water Company later announced that they had fixed the damaged pump, and apologized profusely to the residents for such an inconvenience occurring specifically on Christmas Day.