Pornstar Isabelle Lagacé has admitted she attempted to smuggle Class A drugs into Australia onboard a luxury cruise boat. The 28 year old is one of two women who travelled the world onboard the ship which was carrying huge quantities of cocaine before finally being detained in Sydney.

Ms Lagacé and her friend Melina Roberge, 22, have both been detained for questioning by border control officers. Alongside 63 year old Andre Tamine, they are alleged to have tried to smuggle 200lbs of the drug into Australia. Ms Roberge is claiming that she knew nothing about the drugs and is petitioning to have her case dismissed.

Australian Border Force officials said they had found 77 lbs of cocaine in suitcases inside a cabin the two women used as their sleeping quarters, and a further 132 lbs in luggage belonging to Mr Tamine, which was in a separate bedroom.

South America

The trio were onboard a cruise, which cost £11,400 per head and started off in Britain, in Southampton before making stops in America and South America – including docking in Columbia and Peru for periods during the trip – and then continuing to New Zealand and finally Australia.

The two women had posted glamorous images of themselves enjoying the cruise, before they were arrested. They have been dubbed the “bikini smugglers” as a result of the photographs. Detectives are now looking into whether the trio got on the boat with the drugs in their luggage, or whether they could have picked them up when they stopped at one of the ports in South America.

It is the biggest ever haul of drugs to have been found in Australia by passengers onboard a cruise ship or airplane. If convicted of attempting to bring in such a huge amount of cocaine to Australia, the three could be facing life in jail.