Adam Saleh, 23,  and Slim Albaher, 22, Muslim Americans who are famous for their YouTube videos were refused to board their flight back to their home in New York from Heathrow Airport because Mr.Saleh had spoken Arabic during a phone call to his mother.

Apparently other passengers who were set to board with them on the same flight had conveyed feelings of unease of having the two Muslim Americans on the plane.

The Captain of the plane had requested to both of them to leave the plane, which caused the YouTube stars to have a dialogue in Arabic, arousing worries amongst the rest of the British passengers around them.

Social Media Kicks In

The incident had been posted on social media, which resulted in intense frustration and rage towards Delta Air Lines, although not everyone had believed the facts of the events to be exactly true.

However, the passengers upon landing in New York stated the incident was as true as was spoken about.

Ironically, Mr. Saleh is well known due to his videos on YouTube that poke fun on the typical Muslim stereotypical images and views.

Mr. Saleh has uploaded multiple videos that consist of comical pranks and jokes, including just this month one where he allegedly pretended to hide inside a suitcase in order to board a plane.

Behavior Apparently Unacceptable

According to the Delta airlines, they have released a statement after the incident in which they said that with all information that has been accumulated about the matter as of now, the two Muslim Americans apparently had indulged in behavior on the plane that was said and thought to be quite intimidating, threatening, and provocative to the rest of the passengers, which included raising their voices.

The statement mentioned that the two individuals crossed the line in regards to the safety of other passengers, and added by saying the ‘discriminatory’ allegations they have received about this incident is a matter they look in with utmost seriousness.