Since drones are technically quite simple to shoot down, Amazon faces this possible situation for their new drone-delivery system. However, what would actually happen if one of their drones are shot down seem to be a mystery to them.

A patent given to Amazon highlights a few points into such a matter, in the case that there seems to be a possible threat for a drone whilst mid-flight.

One note suggests that a drone will have information regarding its current location that not only are pinpointed by its own sensory, but by fellow drones as well.

The simplicity here is if any of these readings between different drones do not match with each other, then an alarm will go off, which may salvage the situation from any unprecedented forms of threat.

Notes to Remember

The patent supplied to Amazon mentions several factors to observe regarding unexpected poses of danger from external parties towards the drones in flight, if other drones have concluded based on their readings that another drone’s system has been fiddled with or has been disrupted in any way.

One recommendation includes a parachute or airbag that would be automatically activated if the drone were to lose control and ultimately descend onto the ground. In another suggestion, it is possible to give the drone the capability in contacting the home base to notify them that is in need of assistance.

Who Knows What Would Happen?

In the case for a hijacker taking control of the drone, the patent has authorized the go ahead for the drone to automatically program itself into a ‘fail-safe mode’ which would result in the drone simply landing anywhere for the time being or returning back to the home base.

As of now, it is uncertain just as to what would actually happen if a drone was shot out of the sky, especially as it would make a rather attractive target considering it would be delivering packages.

Nothing is sure now, as the patent has often noted points in the past that no longer are in use or were never put to use in the first place.