Rand Paul who is being touted as a someone who can be a fitting candidate to run for the post of President in the 2016 elections gave a speech to young activist where he told them to  start and join movements so that they can project Republicans as people who believe in individual liberties, free markets and lower taxes.

“What is the Republican party?” “Some people say the Republican Party can be good again. We have to decide what we stand for.” The theater, filled with 300 students and more greeted the speech with thunderous applause. The students were there for a Young Americans for Liberty conference.

He also discussed medical marijuana and digital privacy and said, “People aren’t happy saying I’m a Republican or a Democrat,” “Maybe there is a third way. Maybe I am economically conservative but I am concerned with privacy.”

Paul also advocated lower taxes which can improve growth and free market. “The other side thinks you aren’t smart enough to spend your money,” “If we give the money back to the people, it will stimulate the economy.” “When we present our message with passion, and with the hope and promise and optimism of a man coming over the hill singing, then we’re going to be the dominant movement again,”

The fact that Paul is taking this presidential bid seriously has been confirmed by the fact that he will be making a tour of Iowa in August and that the crowd was with him was proved by the chants of “2016, 2016.”

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Thomas Channeton
He is a freelance journalist who has actively worked on various environmental issues. He had covered the Clean Water Act amendments and the Superfund legislation which ultimately became the basis for the Clean Air Act which was promulgated in 1990. After that, he also covered the Food Quality Protection Act which was promulgated in 1996. As a freelance environmental reporter he also delved into the oil issue in North Dakota which altered the energy portfolio of the nation. He is also passionate about the various climate changes occurring around us and has reported about the harmful effects of global warming on the environment.