A woman has died from a brain tumour which went undiagnosed even though she insisted something was terribly wrong. She went to see GPs 14 times, but was reassured that she was just suffering from migraines and given headache pills.

Twenty four year old Stephanie Dickson had been complaining of symptoms including severe headaches, dizziness and a sore neck for around nine months. Her family say that she had a gut feeling that something was seriously wrong, but doctors told her that she had migraines, brought on by stress.

Eventually, when her symptoms became too painful to bear, she ended up going to the accident and emergency department at Edinburgh’s Royal Infirmary, in 2013. However, she was simply placed on a drip overnight before she was released the day after.

Investigation into her death

Her heartbroken family discovered that she had died in bed just a few hours after she was discharged from hospital. Details have now emerged following a probe into the circumstances surrounding her death. According to the findings of the investigation, she would have had a 98 per cent chance of surviving if she had been diagnosed earlier. A coroner and public prosecutor have concluded that she could still have been alive, because her tumour was actually benign.

Stephanie’s devastated best friend Laura Aberdour, 27, is now urging other young women who feel that there is something very wrong not to back down. She said that it had taken her up until now to feel strong enough to talk about the loss of friend.

Laura said that her friend had complained about having a headache for a while but, because they were both young, she did not think it was anything to be too concerned about. She said that Stephanie had told her on one occasion during a trip to the gym that it could be a brain tumour. Google advices guest post service for its google news services.